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okay, storytime. At a group sleepover, there’s this girl, the most innocent thing you’ve ever met, k? She nods off on the couch early on in the night. As everyone’s getting ready to play cards, one of my friends lean back and hears her mumbling in her sleep.

My friend motions for everyone to be quiet. The girl snuggles her blanket, smiles, and in the sweetest voice, says, “Go on, Brandon. You can jump. It’s only 30 stories.”

In choir we were having a free day, so we were just laying around in a pile. One of my friends said, in her sleep,” I don’t want your airplanes.”

Once I fell asleep on my sister’s sofa while rather intoxicated, while my BiL was sat in the same room watching something on TV, and apparently when my phone slid off my chest onto the floor, I whispered in an incredibly mornful, squeaky voice, ‘goodbye phone…’

I fell sleep on the couch one time and woke up in my bedroom. When I asked my parents about it they apologized and did say they tried to move me and thought I had woken up but when I did I told my dad “Here, hang on to this…” and I handed him nothing and when he asked me what it was I said “Its a godsmack…”. I got up and moved to my room. They were so confused, as was I in the morning.

Apparently Willie yelled “reset” one night on the bus in his sleep.

I was sleeping and i heard one of the guys scream “YES!” In the middle of the night woke everyone in that corner up. We asked him the next morning and he said “James was yelling at him”

I fell asleep at a guard party while they were watching a movie. After I fall asleep, a guy in the movie said, “beat those wonkers” my friend asked what he said. In my sleep, I said, “he said wonkers!” I was also rolling back and forth cuddling two different girls….

Once my friend spent the night and she was still awake, I was asleep but she didn’t know that, so she asked me if I was asleep and I said “probably”

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Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

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amyplaystuba just sent these to me

Text 28 Sep 17,835 notes the girls I follow. all pretty

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I have fire hair


I have fire hair

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I have fire hair


I have fire hair

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I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird

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